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Security Guarding

GSL Security Guards are some of the most highly trained; thoroughly background screened and vetted individuals in the industry.

An essential part of our unsurpassed quality control is our supervision. GSL closely monitors or security guards and our accounts with our Mobile Field Supervisors.  

GSL provides security personnel and technology to:

  1. Residential houses.
  2. Hotels and resorts.
  3. Health care facilities.
  4. Banks and jewelry shops.
  5. Universities and educational centers.
  6. International commissions offices and their residences.
  7. Private and governmental offices.
  8. Energy and water resources.
  9. Commercial buildings and malls.
  10. Factories.
  11. Special events and exhibitions.
  12. Oil and gas facilities.


GSL provides disciplined, trained, verified and experienced guarding duties. Our main strength lies in the following:

  1. Every guard is selected on the basis recruitment standards. Each guard is selected on basis of physically well being, medical, clearance, experience, education and above all mental robustness. 
  2. Before deployment each guard undergoes comprehensive training, including any specific job, weapons, handling etc.
  3. Our field operators professionally monitor and control the functioning of the guard on 'round the clock' basis.
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