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VIP Protection

GSL provides escorting services to VIPs, businessmen, heads of international missions and delegates, tourist and sports, artistic and media through the best officers and security personnel available, they have experience and special training and expertise in in all aspects of security practice, and using the means of transport and modern equipment designed for this purpose.

Our officers have training and experience in all aspects of security practice. These officers receive specialized training, rigorous evaluations, and must have an exemplary performance record to qualify for this program. The officer candidate must demonstrate proficiency in leadership skills, have a broad understanding of security best practices and procedures, have a college degree or the equivalent experience, and have a minimum of five years industry experience. These officers are another example of THE GSL DIFFERENCE.

Our Bodyguards are available upon request anywhere, for specific events, circumstances & time periods, covering any or all of the whole range of Close Protection Officer duties, including:

  • Personal Bodyguards
  • Security Drivers
  • Escort Team (several Bodyguards)
  • Residential Security Teams, providing security for permanent residences, offices, venues & also temporary locations for holidays, high profile events, product launches
  • Fully integrated VIP Protection Team, comprising of driver(s), bodyguard(s), residential security officer(s) and a dedicated security contract manager if required