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Training & Safety

Training our staff is an integral aspect of our successful security provision in the sector, ensuring that all our staff is well versed in the procedures to be applied to the needs of the specific venue.

In order to provide special and advanced services whether considering the best choice for security officers in accordance with terms and specifications represented in, experience, efficiency, and commitment, the company organized a training administration managed by experienced and qualified trainers to provide training and qualification for individuals theoretically and practically through a training plan, whether in the company's training center or in work location, which includes qualifying security guard physically and psychologically, and training them on the main duties of guardianship, first aid, self-defense, fire fighting, connection, righting reports, and other customer satisfaction methods.

  1. Field skills for Security Guards.
  2. Self defense.
  3. Searching & access control.
  4. Fire fighting
  5. Crises and Disasters Management
  6. Telecommunications
  7. Airports security
  8. Close -mail & the procedures for handling confidential information.
  9. Risk analysis.
  10. Skills of Solving problems and Decision making.
  11. Security and Protection of Premises.
  12. HSE
  13. Developing sense of security skills.
  14. Investigation & detection
  15. Advanced techniques in the preparation of emergency plans
  16. Skills to deal with aircraft accidents.