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Business Security

GSL operates both locally and regionally while keeping the safety and welfare of its staff and its clients’ personnel top priority. We provide training to our personnel/clients on the latest safety standards, precautions and measures.


  • Emergency action planning
  • Community evacuation preparedness
  • Business Risk Assessment
  • Risk control initiatives and mechanisms
  • New comers’ induction training sessions
  • Security training programs
  • Business Security Assessments.
  • Business Security Management.


Whatever the industry or type of organization, GSL has the professionally trained staff to provide each client with the best innovations in security solutions. GSL will determine how to minimize security threats and will help your organization preserve the security of any environment. A company can assure all employees of their safety with the quality security guard service supplied by GSL.

GSL provides armed security, physical security, electronic security, and other security solutions for businesses, organizations and individuals. We supply optimum security protection to ensure that your assets and workers are safe.

Our intense preparation and training encompasses hypothetical situations and practical coursework that focus on:

  • Business Security Law
  • Business Security Services and Strategies
  • Fire Safety and Fire Safety Guards
  • First Aid and Search and Rescue
  • Organization Security Law
  • Professional Security Service Implementations
  • Public Decorum and Professionalism
  • Security Services and Public Relations
  • Surveillance Techniques
  • Tact and Diplomacy in Delicate Security Situations